What To Do Following A Pavement Trip Accident

Local councils have a duty to ensure that footpaths and public pavements are safe.  They must do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent pavement accidents from occurring.  If they fail in their duty and if a member of the public sustains injuries due to their negligence, they will be liable to pay compensation arising out of pavement trip claims.

But, it is quite unfortunate that pavement trip claims are not easy to win.  It is not easy to make council claims because in most cases, they simply deny liability and it is hard to prove that they were at fault.  If you have been involved in a pavement trip accident, it is essential that you take the following steps to maximise your chances of winning compensation.  Here’s what you need to do following a pavement trip accident.

Obtain photographic evidence

It is essential to obtain as much photographs as possible.  Photographs must provide evidence of the hazard and it should include the surrounding environment.  If it is possible, you must take a tape measure to demonstrate the actual height of the defect.  If it is a pothole, a ruler or a match box must be used to show the depth.

The photograph must be taken in relation to a landmark which can include a building or a street name.

It is also useful to take pictures of the hazard from all directions.

In addition, if there were people around at the time of the accident, you can obtain their contact details so they can testify on your behalf when you make a pavement trip claim.

Seek medical attention

Following your trip accident, you must visit a G.P so you can get proper treatment for your injuries.  This will also ensure that your injuries are documented.  Medical evidence is vital in personal injury claims.

Seek legal help

Our solicitors have vast experience in handling claims against the council.  If the local council was responsible for your injury, we will help you make a claim and recover the compensation you deserve.

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