Ice and Snow Claims

Have you slipped on ice and snow on a road or public pavement?  If you have, you may be able to make ice and snow claims.  Every local council in the UK has a duty to ensure that the roads, footpaths and pavements are in safe condition so that your safety is not endangered by ice and snow.

There are regulations in place which the local councils have to abide by.  These regulations also include measures that must be taken in winter conditions.  If the local council does not comply with the obligations and legal duties and if someone sustains injuries as a result of slips on ice and snow, the local council can be held liable.

As a general rule, councils must take more steps to prevent the occurrence of such incidences on roads and pavements which are busier.  During the winter season, ice and snow forms on roads and pavements and give rise to numerous slips accidents.  If the local council fails to clear such hazards in a timely manner, it can amount to negligence and the injured person may be entitled to make a claim against the council.

However, just like any other injury claim, it has to be established that the council was at fault.  Therefore, it is essential that you obtain enough evidence.  You must obtain photographic evidence as well as medical evidence to prove your injury.  You can have a strong claim if your slips occurred on a pavement on a city centre rather than in a residential area.  If there were people who witnessed the incident, it is essential to obtain their contact details so they can testify on your behalf when you make a council claim.

You must remember that you have three years from the date of the incident to make a claim.  So you must seek legal advice as soon as possible and find out what your options are.

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