Making A Claim

An estimated 20 percent of UK’s population lives in rented council houses.  It is the duty of the council to ensure that the houses are in safe condition.  Any property rented to tenants must be kept safe and reasonable steps must be taken to prevent accidents from occurring.

But, there are times when accidents in council houses do take place.  If a tenant has sustained injuries in an accident for which the council was responsible, the tenant may be able to make a council claim.

In order to be held accountable for an injury on a council rented premises, it is important that the council was negligent in maintaining the property in a safe condition and that the negligence must have been the cause of the injury.  The following must be proven in order to hold the council responsible for your injury.

  • The council was responsible for maintaining the portion of the property that caused the accident
  • The council has failed to take reasonably practicable steps to avoid the accident
  • Giving adequate warning to the tenants or fixing the problem would not have been very costly or unreasonably expensive.
  • A serious injury resulted due to the failure of the council to fix the problem
  • The failure or negligence on the part of the council caused the accident
  • The tenant sustained injuries as a result of the accident

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