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The councils have a legal duty to maintain footpaths and pavements.  Since highways, roads, paths and pavements are maintainable at public expense, it is their duty to keep them safe to prevent members of the public from getting involved in accidents and sustaining injuries.  If you have suffered an injury due to faulty equipment, poorly maintained public areas or inadequate public facilities, you may be able to make a claim against your local council.

At, we have expert solicitors who have a wealth of experience in handling claims against the councils.  Our solicitors will fight fearlessly to help you win your case and recover the rightful compensation for your injuries.

It is the responsibility of the local council to protect you when you are on the council property.  This includes paths, pavement, council office, highways, parks and any facility which is run by the council.  There are a number of claims that can be made against the local council.  Some examples include:

  • Claims arising out of accidents caused by defective pavement or footpath
  • Claims arising out of an accident in the swimming pool, museum, leisure centre, parks or playground
  • Claims arising out of accidents in schools which are run by the local authority

If you have suffered an injury and if it was due to the failure of the local council to protect you from potential dangers, we will help you bring a claim.

Our council claims solicitors will help you on a genuine no win no fee basis.  We will provide legal advice free of costs and represent your claim without charging you any fees.

Even our initial consultation is cost free and with no obligation.

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