Claiming Against The Local Council

Are you looking to make a claim against the local council due to a personal injury?  To be able to claim compensation from the council, it is essential to prove that the council was at fault.

Even if you have suffered an injury as a result of a trip on a public pavement, it does not automatically entitle you to compensation.  Fault needs to be established for a compensation claim to be successful.

To put up a claim, it is also essential that the accident took place within the last three years.

Making A Claim

It is essential that you seek the services of experienced solicitors to handle your claim.  This will ensure that your claim is dealt with in the right manner.  When claiming against the local council, your solicitor will provide the Insurance Officer with the following information.

·        Your name and contact details

·        Your age and occupation

·        The date and time the incident occurred

·        Details of how the incident occurred

·        Sketch or photographs of the defect that caused the accident

·        Details of injuries sustained

·        Confirmation that the letter includes accurate information

Once the letter has been received by the council’s insurers, they will acknowledge receipt and send the details to the claims handler.

The local council will investigate the claim and the claims handler will determine if they are at fault or not.  They will have up to three months to send a letter back to your solicitor.

If you have sustained personal injury, the council’s insurers may send you a form which you will need to fill in so they can obtain your medical reports from the hospital or the GP you visited.

This may take a long time because the insurers may require an independent medical report meaning that you will need to undergo a medical examination conducted by an independent consultant.  

Based on the evidences provided and their own investigation, they can choose to accept or deny liability.

If they accept liability, your solicitor will negotiate a fair compensation award on your behalf.  However, if they choose to deny liability, your solicitor can discuss with them or consider putting taking the claim further.

Free Legal Advice

If you have been injured on a public pavement or road and if you believe the council is responsible for your injuries, you must consider seeking legal advice.

Our solicitors are experienced and friendly and we can help you recover the rightful compensation.

To discuss your case with a member of our team, you can reach us on our free helpline or via our online claim form.