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Making a Claim Against the Council

At CouncilClaims.co.uk, we provide information on how to make a compensation claim against councils and local authorities for accidents caused by their negligence. Whether you have tripped on a raised pavement or a pot hole, been injured in a council house or have suffered an accident or illness while working for a local council, you could have a valid claim.

Councils and local authorities are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of public spaces and properties. They owe a duty of care to people that use these publicly owned areas to ensure they are safe to use. Failing to meet this duty of care can, and often does, result in accidents and injuries. If this has happened to you within the past three years, you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim.

As the solicitors we work with specialise in helping people with accident claims against councils, they are ideally suited to provide you with the expertise you need to make a successful claim. We work in partnership with some of the UK’s best personal injury lawyers to ensure clients receive the highest levels of service, as well as providing the key benefits that claimants look for.

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How can an injury solicitor help you?

Being involved in an accident of any type can be distressing. As well as the obvious pain and suffering that your injury may cause, you may also find yourself unable to work and financially affected. Some injuries may be relatively minor and clear up within a matter of days or weeks, but more severe injuries can have a long lasting or even permanent impact on your health and day-to-day life. If your accident was caused by negligence on the part of the council or a local authority, you have every right to want compensation.

Have you tripped on a damaged pavement?

Under The Highways Act 1980, local authorities are responsible for conducting a regular inspection and maintenance program to ensure pavements and other public areas are safe to use. When they fail to meet this duty of care, pavements can be left in a dangerous state, with raised paving slabs, potholes and damaged kerb stones. If you trip on a pavement defect such as these, you may be entitled to make a pavement accident claim against the council.

Do you work for the council and have had an accident at work?

Just like all employers, councils and local authorities owe a duty of care to their employees. This includes providing them with a safe working environment. If they fail to meet this legal obligation and it results in you suffering an accident or illness at work, you are entitled to claim compensation. An injury lawyer can help by providing you with a no win no fee service. Find out more about making a work accident claim against the council.

Have you been injured in a council house or property?

If you have had an accident in a council owned property, and you believe the council was at fault for your accident, you may be entitled to make a no win no fee claim. Providing it happened within the last three years and you suffered an injury, contact a personal injury solicitor who will be happy to discuss your case and let you know within minutes if you are entitled to be compensated.

Want to find out more?

If you feel you may be entitled to make an injury claim against the council, it is a good idea to contact a solicitor as soon as possible. Although you have 3 years from the date of the accident to initiate a claim, getting legal advice early on can vastly improve your chance of success.

At CouncilClaims.co.uk, we can put you in contact with experienced personal injury lawyers who will provide you with a free claim assessment with no obligation attached. Simply enter your details into the contact form above, and a friendly and experienced legal advisor will give you a call to discuss your claim. By contacting an injury solicitor early on, they can help to ensure any vital evidence you need to support you accident claim is captured, such as taking photographs of pavement defects before they are repaired for example.

Will I be offered a no win no fee service?

Absolutely. No matter where you are in the UK, all of the injury solicitors we work with provide a 100% no win no fee service. Unlike with some firms, you will never be asked to pay any upfront legal fees to process your compensation claim. If your claim for council negligence is successful, your solicitor’s costs are covered as a percentage of the compensation awarded. If your case is unsuccessful, you are not required to pay any fees for the work your solicitor has done. You can find out more information about the no win no fee service here.